Writer’s Journal #12

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Thoughtful interviews with qualified participants can create a vast amount of actionable research data. Accordingly, researchers should always consider if this form of primary research will help them given their rhetorical situation.


In this journal entry, you will continue to consider how different kinds of primary research may help you in your larger research project. In addition to considering past experiences with interviewing, this journal assignment will invite you to consider who you might interview for your research and why.

Skills and Outcomes

  • Recalling a past interview experience and summarizing the rhetorical situation of that interview (Critical Thinking, Reading, and Composing)
  • Interpreting how/why the interview was successful given its rhetorical situation (Critical Thinking, Reading, and Composing; Processes)
  • Inferring how qualified interviews might produce useful data for the larger research project (Critical Thinking, Reading, and Composing; Processes)

Habits of Mind Practiced

  • Openness
  • Persistence
  • Flexibility
  • Metacognition


  • Your journal entry should describe at least one past interview experience. This could be an interview you conducted, or it could be a situation where you were interviewed. It could be an interview for a job opening, for school, or for something else. For the interview(s) you select, describe the rhetorical situation(s). What was the purpose of the interview(s), who was the audience(s) for the interview data, etc.?
  • Your journal entry should also interpret how/why the interview was successful. What was achieved through the interview and how was it achieved as a result of the interview? For example, if you were hired for a job because of the interview, how did the interview work as a tool for collecting the necessary data to make that decision?
  • Finally, your journal entry should consider your larger research project and how conducting one or more interviews might or might not produce usable data for your project. Who could/would you interview? Why would you interview this person or these people? Why would the results of such interviews be valuable to the audience of your larger project?

*NOTE: There are many different ways to approach these tasks, but you should aim to be as thorough as possible in your response (approximately 500 words is a good target length).

Criteria for Success

In each Writer’s Journal, you should:

  • clearly address each question or task;
  • employ many details, examples, and explanations in answering each question or task; and,
  • create an internally organized text, employing sentences (or notes where applicable) that clearly relate to one another.