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Question:Discuss the importance of user technology security education within organizations. What topics should be included in security education and training?

Response 1:

Importance of having User’s Technology security Education within Organization

The complete business operations and procedures of the company are conducting to attract their users or new customers to expand their business across the world by achieving their objectives. All these dreams of the company will fulfill when they have a huge number of customers in the company and also a unique brand name among the customers. Any type of customer is attracting to the business by seeing their security measures and activities within society. When a company has proper or perfect security methods then people will easily trust them and start believing them in their business operations. From these processes, we have identified that only business strategies and work performance will not improve their success along with these aspects we also require some user security methods (Ahmad, 2014).

To perform these security programs in the organization we require some special employees who have knowledge related to these user security technologies to avoid some of the mistakes. In case they don’t have proper knowledge on this topic then the company needs to provide some knowledge about the importance of these security measures can be done through the training process. In the present computational or technically developed business market having a good name and performance not necessary but they must have good and proper security education and training background. The employees who are working within a business organization will have some knowledge related to security measures and their advantages. But the only a normal level of knowledge not sufficient for the company development process for this purpose they require some professionals in the security system (Rubóczki, 2015).

To improve the knowledge of the employees towards user security technology they are conducting various awareness programs and training programs with some experts. During the training program, the trainers need to learn the knowledge of the staff and then start their program by understanding their skills. These training should contain some of the topics which are designed by the manager related to security for the development process of the organization (Schniederjans, 2013).


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