Write a policy memo. 2 1/2 papers, single space.

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Guideline of Policy Memo

A policy memo is a document that provides analysis and recommendations for aparticular audience regarding a particular problem. Write a policy memo to make recommendations in your working area after getting a job in private or public sectors. As a preparation for that opportunity, I’d like to ask you to write a policy memo for your favorite topic.
You are expected to

1) identify a problem area which needs to be changed;

2) recommend a solution to theproblems you described. The page limit is 2-3 pages with single space, following astandard policy memo. A couple of figures (or tables) will be attached to the memo.

Usually a policy memo follows the following format:

1. Introduction- You are expected to specify the objectives of your memo, summarize the problem youareconcerned about, and to provide a very brief summary of the conclusion /recommendations you have reached during your analysis.

2. Background- You are supposed to describe the background information using historical or technicalfacts to make your audience understand the position you are advocating. Youcancombine the introduction and background section together, too.

3. (Supporting arguments or analysis) You are expected to discuss/convince logically why your idea/position would solve oralleviate the problem you choose.

4. References- Generally, your idea should be concise, not ambiguous, and logically consistent.

If you feel that writing a policy memo is heavy, then you can work on the letter-to-editor assignment, whose guidelines are available at the Modules section.