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NURS 220

APA Paper

You will write a paper on Plagiarism in the Academic Settingwith an in-depth examination of plagiarism as it applies to academic settings.

The Purpose of the Paper is to:

1. Familiarize the student with the definition of plagiarism.

2. Help the student recognize and prevent common mistakes that occur in academic settings and examples of plagiarism.

3. Familiarize the student with tools that highlight plagiarized content.

4. Make them aware of the LUSON Honor Code

5. Make them. Aware of penalties of plagiarism

6. Familiarize the student with the LUSON Appeal Process

7. Teach current APA formal writing techniques.

Additional required content is noted below. A valuable learning experience, research, and writing on this topic will empower you to succeed in the critical areas of academic honesty and current APA formal writing techniques.

The paper must be written in current APA format and include the following:

Title Page

Body of the work: 1,0001,500 words of text with a maximum of 2 quotations. Content must include these elements:

o Quotations

o Paraphrasing

o Citations

o Appropriate illustrations/examples

o References

o APA Level headings

o Formatting

o Definition of plagiarism

o Common mistakes that occur in academic settings and examples of plagiarism

o Reference to your SafeAssign/Originality Report(optional)

o Tools that highlight plagiarism

o LUSON Honor Code

o Reference University online specific penalties for academic dishonesty that can be found under “Student Expectations” and click on “Plagiarism & Academic Dishonesty.”

o LUSON Appeal Process

Reference Page: a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed sources, published in the last 5 years, in current APA format must be incorporated.

A minimum of 5 required references are required and include the following:

o APA Manual: required

o LUSON website: required

o At least 2 of the 5 sources are to be scholarly peer reviewed sources from the Jerry Falwell Library (JFL) to address required topics: required

o Other Scholarly sources:

Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 6.