Write a Java program.

I’m studying for my Java class and need an explanation.

Given a population growth of 1.06% and a current estimated population of 7.7 Billion for 2019.

1.06% should be expressed as 0.0106 for calculation purposes. To increase by that amount, multiply by 1.0106.

Write a Java Program that will predict what year that the world’s population should reach or exceed 10 Billion. Display the estimated population for each year as the loop progresses.

If you choose to try this using a ‘float’ or ‘double’ for the population, be sure to display the results in a readable – non fractional amount.

If you choose to use the ‘long’ variable type, you may need to append an L to your initial literal value.

ie. long myNetWorth = 1_400_500_999L,

Note: Display and use complete numbers for these calculations. In other words, do not load 7.7 billion as 7.7, but as 7700000000 – or alternately as 7_700_000_000L.