Week 1 Collaboration: Service-dominant logic

The dominant paradigm in marketing for the past decade has been service-dominant logic (SDL), the idea that organisations and consumers co-create value in an ongoing process with various points of interaction.

In this week’s collaboration, you will reflect on and evaluate your own experiences with the co-creation of value, for example, personalised interactions where both you and the organisation benefitted from the exchange.

To prepare for this Collaboration:

  • Review service-dominant logic (SDL) in your notes and readings and think about situations in which you engaged in the co-creation of value.

To complete this Collaboration:

By Saturday (Day 3)

For your Initial Response, in 300–500 words, address the following:

  • Use service-dominant logic (SDL) to describe a situation in which you engaged in co-creation of value. What strategies could the marketer have used to enhance this experience for you? How would these strategies have improved your experience?

Submit your Initial Response to Turnitin and to the Collaboration forum.

By Wednesday (Day 7)

Participate in the Collaboration Forum by posting 3 to 5 responses to your colleagues in which you:

  • Constructively critique their description of a situation in which they engaged in co-creation of value. Remember to provide a rationale for each of your comments.
  • Identify additional strategies the marketer could have used to enhance your colleagues’ experiences. How would these strategies have improved their experiences?

You should aim to participate with follow-on postings to your colleagues’ responses, making 3–5 significant follow-up postings. Aim to spread your total collaboration discussions across 3 separate days of each week.