Revision of past essay

I don’t know how to handle this Writing question and need guidance.

For your rewrite, you are not required to add more text to your original essay. In other words, you will not be rewarded just for expanding your essay. However, if you are sure that you do need more space to respond to the instructor’s specific comments, you should feel free to add up to 200 extra words.

This rewrite is worth 80 points. Your final version should not exceed 1,200 words total (double-spaced, with one-inch margins). When you revise your essay make sure all changes are highlighted.

Some of her comments

Dear Krystian, Thank you for submitting essay #7. In addition to this feedback paragraph you will find comments in the margin of your essay, as usual. The feedback is meant to help you during the revision process that is required for the next lesson. This is a good essay. I suggest that you modify the introduction and also modify the paragraph about denazification. Consider the consequences of the in fact lenient denazification programs of the United States. I would like to read about what the reasons for the denazification decisions were. Also, elaborate on the importance of the plan in the Cold War context. Lesson 7 grade: 102/120 Let me know if you have any questions. I will respond as soon as I can via email. Have a nice day, Melanie Stauss