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Re:Topic 4 DQ 1

(a) What cultural considerations are important for you to remember while you interview Ms. Li? 

When interviewing Ms. Li, one has to clearly understand that her ethnicity is Asian America and there has been a lot of differences in culture that she has lived in the United States of America. The reason for the differences is because as a country, the United States has differences cultural norms that she has lived with during her childhood. Asians are considered conservative hence she should be given an opportunity to choose whether she would prefer a male or female practitioner. It is by giving her a conducive environment that will make her try and be more open towards the doctor who will be interviewing her. Preferably, it may be better if an Asian practitioner would be available as it would make her more open. Considering the age of the patient which is 20 years a lot of resistance is expected, and this may force the practitioner to be sagacious in the word which he or she chooses. The doctor has to take these aspects into considerations so as to ensure that the interactions will be productive and helpful to both parties (Green, 2014).

(b) What is the abuse assessment screen?

 Abuse assessment screen is aimed at detecting any abuse towards women who are pregnant. If any violation is discovered the woman is immediately referred to a counselor who in turn advises the women and encourages them. Consequently, documentation is also done for future medical records.

(c) If abuse is discovered, what should you do?

 If abuse is discovered, as a nurse you have to report it immediately. As nurses, we have a duty to report all cases of suspected abuse. Your healthcare facility likely has a policy and procedure outlining the exact steps you should take. Document exactly what you see and hear from the patient. Contact the appropriate state or county agency. Although the law varies  from state to state, nurses are legally  require to report all cases of suspected abuse to the appropriate authorities. If possible provide the injured party with information and resources. In the case of battered woman that may be the name and  number of women’s  shelter and  domestic violence hotline