Physical Therapy

  1. Choose a career within the field of Physical Education, Exercise Science or Sport that interests you.

CHOICE- Physical Therapy

  1. Your research paper must be:
  2. A minimum of 3 to 5 full length pages, reference page is separate
  • 12 inch font
  • double-spaced throughout the entire paper (even between the topic headings)
  • proper sentence structure, grammar, and spelling
  • at least 3 different sources used and cited with links included in references
  • paper content must be in your words – do not cut and paste from sources
  • use full sentences and paragraphs (like a term paper), no bullet or incomplete statements

Your research paper should include the following:

  1. describe the career and its responsibilities
  • identify career opportunities
  • salary
  • professional organizations affiliated with this career
  • explain how a professional in this field can increase their marketability
  • give some advantages and disadvantages of pursuing this career
  • explain if this is a career choice of yours (why or why not?)
  1. You are encouraged to use the internet for all your research, however, you must include the designated bibliography page which lists the sources of all your information (i.e., I have included a bib/reference page in the format document linked below as part of your paper. You must have the exact webpage link for all your work – I check website links!!!)