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Re:Topic 4 DQ 1

Extraneous variables are undesirable variables that have an influence on the relationships between the different variables the experimenter is examining (Lesson, n.d). These variablesinfluence the outcome of experiments. Researchers sometimes try to make the group a more controlled variable instead of a non-controlled variable by setting limits to the ranges they are researching. An example of this would be testing how mouthwashes are at relieving bad breath. Some extraneous variables would be if the test subject has been brushing their teeth, flossing, or have dental issues. Researches can control this by getting some history from the subjects beforehand to attempt to have similar people in the research study. 

Another example of extraneous variables in the conditions of an experiment would be “lighting, temperature, weather changes, people getting tired or bored and so on” (psuc7f, 2012). There is no way to avoid extraneous variables in research. A researcher can control extraneous variables by identifying the variables that could affect the dependent variable. This is done based on the researcher’s common sense, and simple logical reasoning.