Organizational Analysis Case Study

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Having refined your skills through your previous effort, while incorporating any prior feedback provided by the instructor, once again, using a Case Study approach, and the concepts, constructs, and variables discussed in the text, develop an organizational analysis for planned change within an identified organization of your, the student’s, choosing. If possible, use a different organization than the one used in your prior effort. Regardless, be sure to focus on a new organizational change/effort than the one that you focused on in your last assignment. The successful case study assignment should include the following: 1-Identify and describe the essential characteristics of the Organization to be analyzed 2-Develop an Outline for the Organizational Analysis/Planned Change 3- Include in Organizational Analysis Outline the Tools/Methodologies to be used in the assessment 4- Develop and articulate the Communication Plan to be used for both the execution of the Organizational Assessment as well as the Change Implementation Plan. Identify the Intervention strategy(ies) employed 5 – Your paper should be 6 -8 pages of content (not including a Title page and References page.) APA format .