life skills assignment #3

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This is your third life skills assignment. For this assignment you will continue to work with the case of The Church of Stranger Things v. The FUN Company, introduced in the first life skills assignment. Using the research you previously conducted and the cases you found for life skills assignment number 1, you must write a one to two page memorandum discussing the legal issues and predicting the likely outcome of the The Church of Stranger Things v. The FUN Company. Feel free to conduct additional research if necessary. Make sure that your memos include not only your conclusions but your reasons for who you predict will win this case. In addition, in order to receive full credit for this assignment, you must prepare a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation highlighting the findings of your memos.

Go to the link above to go to the FNU database link. (

Add the school name: Florida National University, then click on the LIRN portal below.

Next, enter the school user name: 24439

and the school password: smartlearn39

Then scroll down and search for the Psychology group/category.

Next, go to ProQuest Central or Psychology Database to search for you topic on the search bar and then click on full text to get the full information pages.

Finally, you will be able to choose 3 journals of the all the available articles to provide your 3 journals for the paper.

Go to “Cite” to find the reference information for the article you are reviewing. This article reference info can be copied and pasted on the Reference page for your paper.