Immediate help Attending online school undergraduate

hi everyone,

taking 4 classes in July 3 semester starts

One is international relations which is 8 weeks class and second class is Introduction to Philosophy, so its philosophy 101 and the third class is sports first Aid SPHE 405

The 4th class is Anatomy and Physiology with lab

I will provide all the logins and everything. And will pay you $230 for all three classes. Instant $30 will be paid today. The rest $200 will start once you start working on course. I might give you tips depending on performance in class.

I need some one who can ACTIVELY participate in class and have time to do it!

Please let me know if any of you can do this.

Only serious candidates.

This is kind of how online school works. It’s a lot of stuff it’s flexible too. But you have got to be committed to it till the end of classes.

First Week Requirement:

  • Your classroom will open on the first day of class at 6 am Eastern Time.
  • You are required to log into your class and to complete your first forum introduction assignment during Week One (between the class start date and 11:59PM Eastern Timeon the Sunday of that week).
  • We recommend that you log in within the first few days as assignments are due within the first week.