Discussion: Community Benefit vs. Organizational Benefit

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Learning Resources

Required Readings

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  • Chapter 9, ” Phase 4: Transition to Implementation” (pp. 183-204)
  • Chapter 10, ” Annual Review and Update ” (pp. 209-228)
  • Chapter 13, ” Future Challenges for Strategic Planners” (pp. 279-290)

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Discussion: Community Benefit vs. Organizational Benefit

Perhaps you have been to a health fair sponsored by a local hospital in your community. Who benefits from such an effort? When you or your neighbors are screened for signs of illness (hypertension, for instance) or learn about available services, clearly the promotion benefits you, but what about the hospital? Having its name associated with “community service” benefits the organization. Any patients and/or clients the institution attracts may also result is some financial benefits.

Social change is at the heart of Walden’s mission, therefore, in this Discussion, you will identify examples of promotion for social change in your community and analyze whether the promotion benefits the community, the organization, or both.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review this week’s Learning Resources.
  • Identify two (2) local healthcare providers: one (1) should be with a for-profit and one (1) should be with a not-for-profit organization. Identify an example of each organization’s effort in promoting a service or services as a form of positive social change.

By Day 4

Post a comprehensive response to the following:

  • Describe how each organizations’ efforts in promoting a service fosters positive social change in the community.
  • Describe how each organizations’ social change efforts benefits the organization. How does each organization’s promotion benefit the community? How does it benefit the organization?
  • Based on the promotion of each organization, are the interests of the community and the interests of the organization harmonious or are they in conflict? Explain.
  • How may a non-profit organization be less able to launch a bigger, more professional, more impressive and more visible promotion than a for profit and how might that type of promotion impact the community?

Support your work with specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and/or additional sources as appropriate. Your citations must be in APA format.

Read a selection of your colleagues’ postings.

By Day 6

Respond to at least two of your colleagues’ postings in one or more of the following ways:

  • Compare the social change efforts of your colleague’s organizations and yours. Describe any similarities and differences.
  • Compare your colleague’s promotion descriptions to yours. Explain any similarities or differences
  • Compare the interests of the organizations that your colleague selected with yours. Describe any similarities or differences.

Return to this Discussion in a few days to read the responses to your initial posting. Note what you have learned and/or any insights you have gained as a result of your colleagues’ comments. You are welcome to post these final insights.