CJ 790 7-1 Journal: Reflection

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In Module Six, you submitted a draft of your proposal for Milestone Three. Your proposal is the final part of Capstone Component 1: Problem Analysis. Your proposal should include a detailed solution to the criminal justice issue in your selected city, explaining how this solution meets the needs of the community and how it will impact your organization. In Milestone Three, you also submitted a draft of Component 2: Presentation to Internal Stakeholders. For this professional presentation, you should use the information from your problem analysis to demonstrate your communication skills and disseminate information about your proposal.

In Module Seven, you will work on combining Milestones One, Two, and Three in preparation for final submission of Components 1 and 2. These final versions will be submitted in Module Eight. You should use this module as an opportunity to look at your problem analysis as a whole (Capstone Component 1) and integrate previous feedback from your instructor. In CJ 510, you performed a problem analysis to increase your leadership readiness and ethical awareness. You were given a scenario in which you had to identify underlying causes, analyze the issue, and discuss implementation techniques. You will complete a task closely related to that previous coursework in this capstone. You should also use the feedback from your instructor on your presentation to improve it and prepare it for final submission.

Remember that your problem analysis should include the following four primary sections, as described in the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document: statement of the problem, analysis of the problem, literature review, and proposal. Your problem analysis should be 15–20 pages in length and follow APA formatting guidelines. Remember to include a title page, table of contents, and reference page.

Your presentation to internal stakeholders should be a compilation of key aspects from your research into the criminal justice issue you identified. In addition, you should include an explanation of how your proposal supports the organization’s mission, your strategy to communicate the proposal to external stakeholders in your selected city (including members of the community), and an estimation of where the organization and surrounding community will be five to ten years after proposal has been implemented. Remember that there is no minimum or maximum number of slides required. You should use your best judgment to create a presentation of appropriate length that will convey the relevant details of your proposal while keeping the attention of your audience. As you work on this module, remember to post any questions, comments, or concerns in the informational lounge.


For this journal assignment, reflect on your capstone experience so far. In addition to explaining what your experience has been like, be sure to address the following:

  • What strengths have you encountered up to this point while working on your capstone project?
  • What have you found the most challenging?
  • What tools did you acquire from previous courses to help overcome these challenges?

For the third component of your capstone, you will write a personal and professional reflection looking back on your experiences building your capstone project. You will combine your thoughts from this journal assignment with those from the Module Five journal assignment to help you complete Capstone Component 3: Reflection, which is due in Module Nine. You will not submit a draft of Capstone Component 3 before final submission, so you should refer to that section of the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document while working on this journal assignment.

For additional details on this journal, please refer to the Module Seven Journal Guidelines and Rubric.