Quiz 4

Question 11 pts In a ________ distribution, individuals have a much higher probability of being found in some areas than in others. Group of answer choices regular random partitioned clumped uniform Flag question: Question 2 Question 21 pts Which of the following are characteristics of a population? Group of answer choices All of the choices are correct. […]

Master Writers Study Tips

It is always a good idea to spend about 10-15 minutes just looking at your assignment question. By highlighting the most important parts of the question, you can work out what the question is trying to ask you, and what you should include in your answer. To make sure your sources are relevant to your […]

Final Project

From the Our Planet – Netflix Series select a biome and create a document with the following information: Name of the Netflix video What type of Biome did you select? Describe its characteristics: (climate, average temperature, average precipitation amounts, are there seasons?) and locations in the world (continents, countries) Identify 4-6 plants that are found in your biome.  Describe an […]

Assignment 7

Watch the video “Invasive Species of Florida” and answer the following: Identify the invasive species mentioned in the video. Why have these species become invasive? Who introduced these species to Florida? In which parts of Florida are these species most commonly found? What can be done to prevent or lower invasive species?

Assignment 6

Describe how an ecological pyramid would look based on the image above.

Community Ecology

What are some symbiotic relationships you have seen in the environment you live in or in trips you have been? Give examples of relationships that are not beneficial for one organism but it is for the other. Where do you recommend your classmates to travel or visit to experience biodiversity of either animals or plants?

Assignment 5

Observe the turtle above and identify the type of coloration it exhibits (based on powerpoint slide 16) The coloration is due to a plant growth on top of the turtle. What type of relationship (symbiotic, mutualistic, parasitic or commensalistic) does the turtle and the plant have? (The turtle seems to be unharmed) Explain Is the […]

Assignment 4

From the image above, correctly identify all the biotic and abiotic factors. What type of population dispersion seems to be present? Identify which animals are competing with each other for resources. What are these resources? Identify predators and prey.

Assignment 3

Watch the virtual Field Trip to the West Lake Park – Hollywood, FL. and to the Everglades. Answer the following questions: What type of water biome is observed in these Field Trips? What type of plants are predominantly observed? How do these plants contribute to the health of the water and animal life? Did you […]

Assignment 2

Watch the Virtual Field Trip to the Fern Forest Nature Center – Coconut Creek, FL and Long Key Nature Center & Natural Area. Which tree(s) were mentioned or observed during the visits? Did you see any animal sightings? Which plants are most abundant in this nature center? Give brief characteristics. What type of biome do […]