Stakeholders in Policy Making

Paper details The creation of health policy is complicated. There are many stakeholders, issues, concerns, and politics that play a role in the process. The readings for this week provide a foundation for this process and the many contextual aspects of it. Case Assignment For this assignment, you will be examining the stakeholders in policy […]

The Right to Healthcare

Paper details It has been established that the Right to Health Care is not a guaranteed right in American law. Despite this, there have been many legal enactments that have incrementally moved in that direction without expressly granting it. After reviewing the background readings as well as doing your own research, draft a 1- to […]


Paper details The reach of this case was limited. Why is that? Explain the relationship of ethics to this decision. Be sure to identify relevant ethical principles. What is the relevance for health administrators in studying a case such as Simkins? There is no one answer for this, but be sure to provide your critical […]