W5 Quiz

Over the past century, the growth rate of real GDP in the United States has averaged approximately a. 3 percent.   b. 1 percent.   c. 10 percent.   d. 6 percent.   Economists use the term “business cycle” to refer to a. the growth of small businesses into major corporations. b. fluctuations in the […]

W4 Midterm ECN 206

Question 1 In one week, Susan can sew 4 blouses or bake 280 pies. The opportunity cost per pie for Susan is 70 blouses Question 2 If the production possibilities frontier curve is linear and downward-sloping instead of bowed out, that indicates constant opportunity cost Question 3 The concept of the “invisible hand” Adam Smith described […]

Strategic Change Management

Explain the concepts and theories surrounding large-scale change processes and readiness assessment. How will you go about conducting readiness assessments for the entire organization? Be specific and provide a cost example for each item in your proposed readiness assessment. Use a minimum of 1 chart in your analysis or description of a model or strategy […]

Week 8 Reflection: what would your story be?

Lesson 12 of 13 What story would you tell which exemplifies your own business values?      For the last time, post your thoughts on the Ideas Board. Play this audio for more guidance on this task. What story would you tell which exemplifies your own business values? Do you think others in your organisation would recognise […]

Week 8: Reflect on your impact on others

“What do I stand for?” In this part of the lecturecast, I would like you to stop and consider how your actions can impact others.  What impact do I want to have on others? How do I know/recognise my impact? How can I question my assumptions? How do I want others to impact on me? […]

Week 8 Reflective Pause II

I would like you to start by considering the idea of reflective practice as an “unsettling”. Reflecting on the module and your learning, can you identify any key moments of “unsettling”, where you found yourself questioning previous assumptions, perceptions or understanding? How did such “unsettling” come about?  What caused it, or what factors helped to facilitate it? How […]

Week 8: Pause and reflect

In this final Ideas Board, I would like you to start by considering the idea of reflective practice as an “unsettling”. Reflecting on the whole module, and what you have learned, what have been the key moments where you felt “unsettled” and you found yourself questioning previous assumptions, perceptions or understanding?And then, can you reflect […]

Week 3: Action Learning Group

Task briefing  This assignment requires you to collaboratively investigate a work-based ethical or sustainability problem through Action Learning, and to write a reflective report about your investigation supported by a portfolio of evidence.  Over the course of the module, you will work in small Action Learning Groups. In the first meeting (week 3) each group […]

Week 5 Collaborative Tasks

Thank you for engaging quite pro-actively in the Week 4 Discussion Forum. You will now be moving on to Week 5, and the second half of the module from today. Week 5 is about ‘Stakeholder Management’. The weekly learning will focus on examining the Stakeholder Theory of the firm, in contrast to the traditional shareholder view, and […]