What is management?

It looks a really simple and obvious question, that must have a rightanswer. In actuality, it’s a little bit different. It’s a profoundly difficult question to answer. There is no singleaccepted or agreed answer or definition to management. It means different things to different people atdifferent times, different places, and different contexts. So, our view […]

Why Study Management?

So, management means different things to different people, in different circumstances and at differenttimes, and when you think about it, that’s quite an obvious and realistic view on management practice. So,decades and decades ago, there were issues that we weren’t aware of, that we are now aware of today.We deal with a lot more services […]

Assignment Two: Learning Journal Report

Throughout the module, you have been prompted to submit reflective entries into your learning journal. You can now use these journal entries to help prepare a learning journal summary which will be graded and contributes 30% of the overall grade for your module.  Assignment submission instructions: Structure: Use typical reporting structure, with Cover sheet, Abstract (100 […]

Learning Journal

We live in an increasingly social world. The demands on management, interpersonal skills, organisational skills and improving our creativity and thinking skills has never been greater. Into this mix we critically evaluate the role of the manager, mainly but not exclusively, to inspire, motivate and develop those we work with. These capabilities and qualities mean […]

Assignment One: Individual Essay

Assignment title: “Developing Management Thought and Insight.” Introduction: The Principles of Management knowledge is central to the operation of a variety of businesses in different sectors and environments. The creation of a management structure is important in developing businesses that can create and sustain a functional daily practice. In a competitive global environment, understanding management […]

Management as a Science versus Management as an Art

The following two YouTube videos consider the question ‘Is managing a science or an art?’ Using what we have learned already, and the available resources found on the learning platform, reflect on the following points and provide an answer for each. Post your response as an entry into your Learning Journal. Do Mintzberg’s distinctions […]

Activity Task 2: The Nature of Management

Reflect on the following points and provide an answer for each. Post your response as an entry into your Learning Journal. What are the similarities and the differences between the two broad positions on management of the writers presented? Where have you found echoes of these general theories of management in your own experience? How […]

What Management Means to You?

Reflect upon the following points and provide an answer for each in the Week 1 Discussion Forum What do you feel are the contradicting and contrasting practices in how you would manage? Describe the meaning you assign to the term “management”, what issues and questions emerge from these differences? Why should we explore different perspectives […]