Article Review

APA format only 4 pages at least..with 3 references will be okay

Just an article review, what you think of the article. Reading it I found it very incomplete, the methodology is too short, variables are missing etc.. Give your thoughts, please. Review the resource material provided and any other information you find through Internet searching and the Library.Using the Pierson (2015) framework, construct your own peer review of the manuscript Chocolate with high cocoa content as a weight-loss accelerator (Bohannon et al). A copy of the PDF is in the resource Folder.ReferencesAyers, S. A., Ramani, S., & Peterson, R. (2012). Becoming a peer reviewer to medical educational journals. Medical Teacher, 34, 698-704.Guilford, W. H. . (2001). Teaching peer review and the process of scientific writing. Advances in Physiology Education, 25(3), 167-175.Manchikanti, L., Kaye, A. D., Boswell, M. V., & Hirsch, J. A. (2015). Medical journal peer review: Process and bias. Pain Physician, 18(1), E1-E14. Retrieved from