500 Word Essay on Paris Agreement

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Research Topic The Paris Agreement is an agreement within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Under the Paris agreement, participating countries need to determine, plan, and report their progress to mitigate global warming. Although the US president Donald Trump announced his plans to withdraw from the Paris agreement, some US states, local governments, and corporations have initiated to take actions to mitigate global warming.

Research about the Paris agreement and the recent developments in general and developments regarding the United State’s withdrawal plans. Then, discuss how withdrawal from the Paris agreement can affect environment, social, and economic sustainability in global, national, and individual business contexts. Also, assume that you were asked to develop actions in the organization that you are familiar with (a place you worked, a place you studied, etc.).

Recommend few actions that you can implement to improve sustainability of that organization. Your research paper should be minimum 500 words and maximum 2000 words, excluding references and appendices. This assignment will be graded using the “Rubric for writing assignments” criteria, which is stated in the syllabus. You may refer various source, including but not limited to Wikipedia, Academic journals, Media reports, Websites, and Books. Be sure to cite all the resources you refer. Do not copy and paste from the sources you refer, except for definitions or noteworthy statements