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Choose from one of the occupancies listed below, and identify a specific example of this occupancy within your community for the purposes of this assignment. Select one of the following:

  • public assembly,
  • educational,
  • institutional,
  • business,
  • industrial,
  • manufacturing, or
  • storage.

You will then prepare an informative report that could be used as the basis for a training drill in your department to meet the needs of training for a fire in that type of occupancy.

When completing this project, you will assume there is a working fire in that occupancy and the following conditions exist.

  • Alarm Information: You are responding to a fire reported in the selected occupancy and will assume command upon arrival.
  • Construction and Layout: You will need to describe the occupancy you have chosen in detail.
  • Exposures: The exposures exist as they do in your community. You will need to describe the exposures for this occupancy in detail.
  • Time: The time is 1330 hours (1:30 p.m.). You arrive eight (8) minutes after the initial dispatch.
  • Water Supply: Water supply has never been an issue in this area.
  • Arrival Conditions: Upon arrival, you can see that there is evidence of a heavy smoke condition, with a distinct glow coming from the roof of the occupancy. There is a heavy smoke condition from the A-side of the building. As you are making the report of a working fire, a civilian informs you that some of the people who work in the occupancy are unaccounted for. They were known to be in the structure when the alarm sounded.
  • Response: The response will be what is normally assigned by your department. You will need to specify this information per your department policy. Staffing is your normal first alarm assignment. Include the expected response of what additional alarm requests may bring.
  • Weather: Assume your current normal seasonal weather.

Your written report should address the below items.

  • Provide a description of the occupancy (include a street view picture), restate the time, provide staffing, and note weather conditions in your overview. Utilize the COAL WAS WEALTH acronym.
  • Give an initial arrival report.
  • Define the hazards associated with the occupancy type and those specifically identified in your department or community pre-incident plan. Include specifics for occupancy type selected and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) classification.
  • Define your strategic mode of operation and the factors associated with your decision-making for this incident.
  • Discuss possible unknown factors that could alter your strategy and plan.
  • As the incident commander, develop an emergency operation action plan given assigned resources and type of incident. Indicate the preliminary plan to deploy resources to mitigate the situation.
  • Give an initial progress report for the incident and assigned emergency response resources.
  • Develop a plot plan, place your apparatus, and show the hydrants used by each and the location and type of hose lines used.
  • Define the ongoing safety concerns associated with fire mitigation at this occupancy.
  • Briefly describe any issues or recommendations that would be addressed in an after-action report.

Your project must be a minimum of four written pages, not counting the title and reference pages or the photographs. You must use at least one source outside of your textbook to support your analysis and plan. All sources used must have proper citations. Your paper, including all references, will be formatted in APA style.