1 page due in 12 hours

I only need a 1 page. like 2-3 sentences per discussion. It is not a paper. 

Discussion Question 1 Engaging in a political process enables a nurse leader to influence others in order to achieve a set of professional goals. Conduct extensive research on the importance of political process in nursing, and answer the following questions:

•How can average nurses be involved in the political process? •What do you do or should do in order to become more politically active? Discussion Question 2 Effective leadership can help nurse leaders to bring about a desirable change within the system. Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, gain adequate insight into change theories and change management, and answer the following questions:

•What does it mean to be a change agent? Give two examples of when you were a change agent or witnessed another nurse as a change agent. •What happened and how did the change occur?